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Ray J’s Recently Released Hit Single “I Hit It First,” Caused Controversy!

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Ray J’s  “I Hit It First,” recently released single caused controversy as it was perceived to be a slap in the face to his ex, Kim Kardashian, and her present boyfriend, Kayne West.

By: Jason Lumpris                                                                                                                                     Monday 23rd April, 2013 1:00 AM MST

Ray J, I Hit It First Cover Picture!

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On April 5, the 32-year-old music artist released his new song. When the song was released many were of the opinion that the song relates Ray J’s ex-socialite girlfriend Kardarshian and baby daddy, rapper West.

The cover picture of the song features an obscure picture that looks like Kadarshian with a blue beach background.

Ray J and Kadarshian were in a relationship that ended in 2007 when they both gained notoriety after a sex tape they made went viral. Ray J was ordered by a court to award Kadarshian $5 million for the tape release.

Since the song release, Ray J has been on a roll visiting radio stations conducting interviews promoting the song. Many of the talk show hosts were stern and posed similar questions to him. They wasted no time in seeking explanations as to if the song is intended for Kadarshian and West.

In an interview at Power 106 FM in Los Angeles the host asked for an explanation of the song and Ray J denied that the song referred to Kadarshian and West.

“It’s self explanatory, “I Hit It First,” is just a record of my life. People that I’ve dealt with in the past that’s doing well, successful and we give them nothing but love and respect,” said Ray J.

“But the main fact of the song is from a guy point of view when having a casual conversation like you know I hit that first, I hit it first,” said Ray J.

“It’s a fun record, I think when the lyrics first got out you would have expected a dark diss track, and it’s totally the opposite it’s a fun record our intention is not to bash anybody or be negative,” said Ray J.

The official lyrics of Ray J’s song says:

She might move on to rappers and ballplayers but we all know I hit it first

I had her head going North and her a** going South

But now baby choose to go West

Although Ray J continuously denied that in the song Kadarshian and West were mentioned. If you follow the lyrics presented one might make the assumption that, it’s Kadarshian’s history of relationships mentioned in the song.

In an article by an exclusive source told them that West reacted to the song by saying that, “He don’t condone broke a**, jealous guys who trying to bite off his and Kim’s fame to stay, just to become relevant”. alleged that the Kadarshian sisters also added to the fuel of the situation. A source exclusively told them that, “The sisters are disgusted with the song. They think Ray J is a complete low life. They don’t want to give him attention, because that is exactly what he wants!”

“I think it’s immature! I mean….we all know he hit it first he doesn’t need to sing about it,” said Bailey a fan of Kadarshian.

“That’s very childish of Ray J. He shouldn’t have made a song like that. He makes himself look just more like an a**. I like his songs, “Sexy Can I,” and “If I Hand One Wish,” a lot. But Ray J isn’t a person I consider myself a fan to. I like one or two songs he made because they were good songs. Not because he is a good artist or person.” said Tevin.

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