Brad Barton Interview!

Photo taken by: Scott Bassett of

Photo source: Scott Bassett of

A 46-year-old former student Weber State University sets a world record today in New York City.

Brad Barton decided he wanted to get back into competitive running. He achieved the worlds record, in the 2013 men’s indoor masters mile.

In Barton’s freshman year, he and his coach were not satisfied with his running performance.According to Chick Hislop, Barton’s college and present coach after Barton’s LDS mission his attitude readjusted through setting his goals

As a result of Barton’s change in attitude his relationship flourished with his coach because, he excelled in his running performance.

Barton was the recipient of the Crystal Crest Awards for male athlete of 1991.

Barton believes that the hard and wary road is the easy road to a comfortable life.

“He has always been an individual that set high goals and achieve them”. “Barton is a role model of his community,” said Val Iverson the sponsor of Barton’s current running career. Iverson is also the owner of Get Air and Trampoline Parks, LLC.

Upon graduating from Weber, Barton worked as a substance prevention specialist  approximately 5-years for Weber County a center that deals with substance abuse prevention.

The father of six and husband of Alydia, grew up on a cattle ranch in Salmon, Idaho and presently resides in Ogden.

Despite being diagnosed with dyslexia, of which he described as a learning difference, the author of “Beyond Illusion” is a man who wears many hats. Barton specializes in leadership presentations, inspirational keynoting, platform speaking, training and industrial safety.

He found magic through a friend. After an early college program that they both were enrolled in at Weber State. Barton was inspired to do magic upon seeing his friend  use magic in his presentation.

Barton is also a magician. He considers real magic and power, as the freedom of an individual to have more options.

Barton branched off into his own public speaking career. It was then he began his area of expertise as a professional speaker.


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