Ray J’s Official Music Video For His Controversial Hit Single, “I Hit It First” Is Finally Released.

Celeb Online News.

By: Jason Lumpris

Sunday 5th May, 2013 5:00 AM MST

Ray J, released his long anticipated music video for his hit single, “I Hit It First” on April 29.

In a full interview that was done with Hiphophollywood, Ray J said, “Whatever I go through in life I try to have the music reflect that.” “I have been through some things, some ups, and some left and rights.” “I think putting all of the things you have been through in your music, it says how important music is.” “The song is catchy and has a West Coast vibe to it.”

Regarding the look a likes featured in the video Ray J responded by saying, “It’s different familiar faces that’s in the video that people might say, it’s one thing or another and I mean.” “Come on we are entertaining, this is entertainment if people love, “Saturday Night Live” then they should love this video.”


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