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May (2014) Product Review


Plaid Scarf

Forever21.com actually has a Male department. So, Apparently that’s a thing… Who’da thunk it? I mean, I knew they were a popular clothing retailer, since my mom and sister have bought multiple articles of clothing from the store and online retailer already. Nevertheless, this was the first purchase that I had made for myself at Forever 21 Men: a simple Plaid Fringe Scarf in addition to some other articles of clothing.

I was seeking a reasonably price scarf, to add to my own personal collection of scarves. I’d hoped it would be versatile enough to complement a variety of outfits, be it semi formal or casual. In my opinion this scarf was able to meet all of my prerequisites. This scarf is very soft and was of a reasonably long length, it was true to color and I was ultimately satisfied with the pattern of the scarf. The only notable shortcoming with this scarf was the material used to produce this scarf. The only problem with the light weight, woven fringed scarf featuring a plaid pattern, is that the material is of an inferior quality, as the material tends to pull and stretch very easily.


Plaid Shirt

I also purchased this Classic Fit Buffalo Plaid Shirt at forever21.com Men of which I have grown to love, and consider my favorite plaid thus far. If you are looking for a classic day wear look to suit a casual or semi formal occasion, then this is the perfect plaid shirt for you. As it goes great when I often wear this shirt with my (gray, blue or black) skinny jeans. Whenever I wear this shirt I usually cuff the wrist area. It can also be tied around the waist for a casual, urban wear feel just as well… This shirt is great for the cold weather as it keeps you warm, because of the thickness of its cotton material that it’s made out of. I usually wear this shirt without a sweater or coat as the weather beings to get warmer, nearing towards the summer time. Though during the winter season one may have to accompany the shirt with a jacket or sweater of sorts.


Shoulder Patch Cardigan

Shoulder Patch Cardigan

Basic Long Sleeve Thermal

Basic Long Sleeve Thermal

The Shoulder Patch Cardigan in the above, along with the Basic Long Sleeve Thermal on the below, are both products of forever 21 Men. Initially upon exploring my color options the cardigan was available in, I was drawn towards the Charcoal color. But after several days of debating the best color cardigan to purchase, I made the decision that I would go with the black cardigan. Thus far I am pleased with the purchase as I regularly use the basic, red, round neck, long sleeve thermal as an inner since it complements my black cardigan perfectly. The only downfall I experienced with the black cardigan is that after it was washed. It didn’t return to its jet black color, as it collected a lot of white particles on it, even though I washed the cardigan with blacks only and followed washing instructions on the clothing.



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