Kim Kadarshian, Was Rushed To The Hospital.

Kim Kadarshian, In Her Maternity Wear.

Kim Kadarshian, In Her Maternity Wear.

Following the public announcement of Kim Kadarshian’s pregnancy, she has been traveling all over the world. Upon returning from accompanying her boyfriend Kayne West, at a Givenchy show and dinner in Paris on Tuesday 5th March 2013. The four month trimester mom to be, Kim Kaadarshian, felt ill for the duration of her flight. She was then rushed to a Los Angeles Hospital in tears, fearful that she was about to have a miscarriage. Kim along with her unborn child was examined and given clean bill of health by the doctor, and at 12:30 am on Wednesday 6th March, 2013 immediately discharged. Whilst at her doctors visit, she was given a stern warning that she’s is working and exercising too much and needs to slow down.

A source says, “since the pregnancy Kim, has been working out seven days a week and is working with two different trainers, a pregnancy trainer along with Tracy Anderson, in an attempt to manage her weight”.Grow up Kim, you are 32 years old with age comes wisdom! Unfortunately your actions don’t reflect that of an intelligent young woman. I hope you heed the doctor’s order Kimmy. The many effects of pregnancy involves being bloated until the baby arrives, along with baby sickness off-and-on. You don’t expect your body to react the same as it did before the pregnancy, because the offspring is feeding off of you. I am sure you were aware of that Kimmy, before you got into it. It’s common knowledge. If it was not what you catered for, since you are so obsessed with your figure, why go get yourself pregnant? Or is it that you and Kanye look up to Amber Rose and Wiz Kalifa so much, that you both are trying to be like them?


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