Chris Brown Leaves Bodyguard Stranded, After A Disagreement.

Bodyguard, Big Phat and Chris Brown

Bodyguard, Big Phat and Chris Brown

After Chris Brown’s “City Hope”, concert in Ghana on the night of March 5th. It was alleged that Chris Brown was on a private jet from Africa, heading to the U.S when the jet landed in Bermuda for refuel. When it was time for the jet to leave a disagreement insued between Brown and one of his bodyguards, by the name of Big Phat. The bodyguard then exited the plane followed by Brown along with an unknown man, where he announced that he would not be returning onboard the jet, as a result of an incident with Brown. Brown then returned to the jet and left whilst his bodyguard sourced a flight on the carrier Jet Blue, to JFK airport. Big Phat was amongst the persons injured in Brown’s and Drake NYC night club brawl back in June 2012. It seem like up to this day Brown, can’t get rid of the dark evil cloud that has been hovering over him, since his Rihanna assault.  Almost every other day there is a negative story being published highlighting his indecent behaviour. Brown you still aren’t satisfied with the great, amount of damages done to your reputation over the years?


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