Katie Johnson Of Beehive Cheese!

Beehive Cheese Company

Beehive Cheese Company

“Networking is the key towards finding a job after College because, it  allows you to create your own opportunities”. Ms Katie Johnson moved to Utah from California where she started working for Beehive Cheese which is a cheese company. Since her inception into the company she undertook the task of remodeling their website along with getting the companies audiences via Twitter and Facebook more engaged by posting things of their interest. Beehive Cheese was founded in 2005 by brothers in law and co owners Tim Welch and Pat Ford, who took the challenge of forfeiting their Cooperate American jobs to open a cheese company. As a result of the increase in the amount of American cheese makers within the last ten years of 75%, Tim with no doubt knew this was a business that would blossom.

Tim and Pat both considered purchasing a farm in New York making goat cheese. They then took a change since there was not much people in Utah venturing into making cheese and decided to do it in Utah, so that they could remain in their hometown and keep their families together. At the Utah State University Pat and Tim were enrolled into a few cheese making classes, where the professors worked with them both after realizing how serious they were about making cheese upon reviewing the business plan Tim presented to them. This resulted in the University loaning Beehive, their recipe they developed and perfected called the Promontory Cheddar cheese. Today Beehive uses the Promontory Cheddar as a base cheese of which all of their selection of cheeses are made from. There intention was to also make a cows milk cheese though they knew nothing about cheese making. Beehive cheese is based on small scale production which bake 1500 pounds of cheese a week.

Over the years the Utah State University have been monitoring the progress of the cheese making business through their case study. Now there are short courses available at the University which lasts from two to three days, aimed towards small scale cheese makers interested in learning how make cheese. In Utah there are approximately eight cheese artists and cheese makers. In 2013 at the American Cheese Society Conference, which is an organization that supports cheese making in the United States Beehive won various awards along with two other cheese makers. Beehive Cheese  from 2005 to 2013 has achieved twenty major awards has been featured in Culture magazine, a publication for cheese.

Beehive has a variety of cheese such as the Promontory Cheddar which is irish style, made from jersey cows milk and they have revolutionize it by implementing the unique technique called the rub rind, which adds flavor to their cheese by rubbing the outside of a twenty pound wheel of cheese, then leaving it to age between four to eight months. The most preferred cheeses amongst their customers are:- The Coffee and Lavender rub also know as the Barely Buzz  and the Big John’s Cajun which is rubbed with Cajun Spices. SeaHive is another cheese rubbed with real local sea salt is wild flower honey or slight bridge. TeaHive cheese which is rubbed with is rubbed with url grave tea, adding that floral aromatic aroma to ones taste buds. Last but not least Apple Walnut Smoked which is a smoked cheddar.

Distribution plays a major role in the buisness operations of Beehive. In 2009 they expanded the company’s growth, entering into distribution by sending their cheese to a main company and then this company distributes the product for sale, to cheese shops and groceries within their vicinity. These products can be sourced in the United States, European and Australian market. Never selling themselves short whilst attempting to increasing their revenues and opportunities. The experiment of Beehive cheese being  paired with red wine has been performed, and as of recently they have also journeyed into paring their range of cheeses with bear, at bear festivals. As of this  year, Beehive has made a commitment to continue focusing on providing their existing valued costumers, with the heights potential quality products and services without compromising their reputation, by relocating to a bigger factory in facilitating greater production because they are of the view that, “as production and growth increases, craftmanship of the product decreases”.

Most Preferred Beehive Cheeses, Amongst Cheese Lovers!

Barely Buzzed!

Barely Buzzed!

Big John's Cajun!

Big John’s Cajun!





Apple Walnut Smoked!

Apple Walnut Smoked!


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