The Life Of Karlie!

Photo Of Karlie McKinnon.

Photo of Karlie McKinnon.  Photo source: Karlie McKinnon

On Monday 28th January, 2013 I had the pleasure of getting acquainted and conducting an interview with Karlie McKinnon, a classmate of my Media Writing Class in the Elizabeth Hall Building, Room 410. As we sat down for approximately 50 minutes  face to face conversing, I got the opportunity of getting to know more than what reaches the average eye on a daily basis, of who is Karlie!  Karlie a Utan born, adventurous in her girl days would either be building forts, riding her bicycle with the boys  or writing songs in her bedroom. Grew up in Kaysville that she loves, because it’s close to the city and feels like a small town. She is a family oriented individual, living with her parents and believes that family connections are important. Annually in the summer time she and her family take a trip to the West Coast. Karlie is the youngest out of her 2 brothers and older sister. While attending Davis High School, she was never the type that was popular but had allot of friends and attended advance placement classes along with religious studies. Presently Karlie is a receptionist at a medical clinic and is also a student at Weber State University in her Junior year, pursuing  a Bachelors Of Arts in Electronic Media, and was driven towards this area of study as a result of it being one that is time efficient, easy to be acquired and marketable. Upon obtaining her degree it’s her endeavor of seeking a job, that would enable her the opportunity of  being able to travel around the world. During, her spare time Karlie ingulf herself into music of which she is passionate about, along with exploring her imagination by creating art pieces. When it comes to eating, Karlie’s favorite dish is Vietnamese. Folk, pop and rock are also her favorite genres of music, she considers herself an indie music lover. She sings, plays the guitar and piano. When asked what type of individual she would describe herself as? With a charming smile on her face Karlie responded, “I try to be kind and aware of those around me, with the willingness to help those in need.” “I would like to be known for the good that I have done, when I die.”



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2 responses to “The Life Of Karlie!

  1. jinjuiceswagger

    Well isn’t this is awkward. I just realized this but, how does one interview a musician and ask so few music related questions? Anyway, you did an awesome job regardless. As it is, I already knew Karlie the musician and not the person, so well played. Kudos on telling her story so well. Had you written more about her music (liked I’d hoped you would’ve) I guess the main element of this news article would have been novelty. However, seeing as you took an entirely different route than expected… I suppose proximity is the main news element seeing as my geographic community here is our classroom and you’ve written about someone that I’ve seen around class hence it became relevant to me to know what’s going on with this person in our media writing ‘sphere.’

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